Walking a dog leads to violation in public

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A plump brunette decided to take her pooch for a bit of a walk outside, dressed in casual boob tube and tights. She never dreamed that she will be one of the girls violated seconds later. A big guy was following her in her tracks, saw the opportunity and pulled her boob tube down to reveal her big full tits. Embarrassed and caught by surprise that this happened in public, right in her street, she was shocked and stunned as the guy behind her celebrated of another success of girls violated in public. Aware that she was in a public place, with neighbors watching she couldn’t even let out a scream. Hoping that no one familiar saw her, it will be a girl’s violated story that she will keep to herself and not share it with her friends.

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Covered public car park is best for violating girls

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Lots of people are walking around the public car park so curly brunette never realized that she will be the next target of girls violated in public. Looking for her car keys, she paid no attention that a guy was approaching her amongst parked vehicles. It is only seconds later that he quickly passed by her and pulled her top down while both of her hands were busy looking for keys. Quickly taking off, curly brunette didn’t know whether to cover herself first or try and catch a glimpse of a guy that just violated her in public. Hoping that no one saw her, it’s unlikely that she’ll report this girls violated act to the authorities as she’s to ashamed.

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Girls violated in public car park

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As a casually dressed brunette was walking back to her car from a local shopping mall, she couldn’t believe what will happen to her in public seconds later. A guy with a hoodie on was walking behind her and had a bit of a history of loving the sight of girls violated in public. Sporting his opportunity as the brunette was only wearing a shorts, he got so close to her and pulled her shorts and panties down to reveal her bare ass and took off. Stunned brunette heard about girls violated in public places before, she just never thought it would happen to her as she quickly pulled her clothes back on.

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Girls violated while enjoying shopping time

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Strolling along the shopping strip in the summer, one hot brunette never dreamed of becoming another target of a guy who gets off at girls violated action. Dressed in white trackies and white singlet, she’s close to finishing off her shopping and slowly making her way to the public parking lot. Caught by complete surprise when a guy she didn’t even hear, walked right behind her, and pulled her top down to let her full tits in full view for everyone. She couldn’t believe that she became another victim of girls violated in public. She always thought that public areas were safe, especially her local shopping district.

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Girls violated in public while waiting for the bus

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Today we give you another display of girls violated in public. Here you can see a sexy babe as she is standing on the street and waiting for the bus to come when one of our friends sneaks up to her ready to do something nasty to her. She just stands there totally unsuspecting when he pulls her skirt down and leaves her standing there, flashing her sexy panties. When she realizes that she is another one of the girls violated she gets really angry and starts screaming at him but she also shows off her ass in public as she pulls her skirt up.

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